Hello and welcome to my new website. Here I will be sharing my love of creativity. I am a singer, songwriter and performer. I love to sing my heart. I am also writing various other styles of work for TV/Advert syncing, released a dance tune with Jay Potter last year called ‘Chemistry’ and currently working on new tracks for a label. I formally played and wrote in The Sea Whores. You can find our album on Spotify, along with my solo album ‘Circles’. I also play in my band Majesty, lots of Rocksteady, Roots, Reggae, Soul. Originals and Covers with a twist. Currently, writing lots of new songs and getting ready to record another Solo album, this year! Can’t wait for that! In the meantime, catch me live. I also love to draw and make pretty things, such as, Macramé plant hangers, coasters, decorations. Prints of my work and various other handmade items will be available to buy here, along with my music in the near future. Thanks for stopping by. xx

I’m feeling pretty inspired after my weekend of gigs. I’ve been trying out a few new songs I’ve written this year. Can’t wait to get them recorded. One in particular ‘Never Really Mine’ went down so well, I was asked to play it again as the second encore! That is such a great feeling, and a very positive response. I always have a fear, when playing out new songs, whether they will have the desired effect on the audience. Absolutely thrilled with the response! I’m going to keep on writing and getting myself organised for recording a new album soon! X

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