I’m Hayley Gaftarnick, a singer songwriter from Leeds!

I started writing songs when i was 14 and began playing guitar shortly after that. I got into music to express my feelings but, I didn’t really know how to say what I was feeling, at the time. Back then, my voice had no control or versatility and perhaps, lacked the soul and emotions, I was trying to express, from within.

Never the less, I began!

By the age of 19/20, I joined my first band but, I never played guitar and sang, at the same time, publicly. Not at that point anyway. I was just getting into performing. That went on for a couple of years and I ended up, eventually seeking some solo shows and playing my guitar.

I then joined another band, which again was, me building my voice up, building confidence and trying to find, well, myself. Something began to realise itself, my voice. It craved to sing more soulfully so, when that band ended, I began my solo singer songwriter journey, aged 27.

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